America's Dad is going on a comedy tour across the United States and he decided to add one of the best venues in Wyoming to his GPS. Known as being the greatest TV Dad of all time, the comedian also has a past of incredibly raunchy comedy sets. I'm looking at you, The Aristocrats.

The first time I heard Bob Saget do stand up on TV, my jaw hit the floor. I'm not saying that's the type of comedy he is bringing to The Lincoln, but I would just warn you that it's not going to be Danny Tanner giving hugs and sage advice for an hour-long set. Though, I think in 2021, we all could use that kind of comfort from a bonafide TV Dad.

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The show is coming to The Lincoln Thursday November 18th and tickets will go on sale this morning at 10am. I'd say get your tickets early because this feels like the type of show that will sell out almost immediately. I mean, it's Bob friggin' Saget. Michelle Tanner's Dad!

Just look at that poster for Bob Saget, he looks like he really wants to say the "F" word. He probably will. It will ruin your childhood, but I think you'll come out better for it. All kidding aside, this is going to be one of the best shows to navigate us out of 2021. I'm ok with Bob Saget being the captain of that ship. And seeing a show at The Lincoln is never a bad time. Let's go!

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