Walmart is one of the largest employers of any retailer throughout the country. They're also a go-to retailer for so many communities in the nation as they've thrived for decades. But have you ever wondered how many people work there?

When I was going to school for radio, I worked at a Walmart in Collinsville, IL in the electronics department. I'm not going to sugarcoat it, it was a pretty cool gig. Maybe it seemed that not much was expected from me, or that I was paid pretty well. But every now I reflect and think about what a time that was. Obviously, I'm much happier now and love what's become of my radio career, but I recently saw an interesting article through 24/7 Wall St. that made me remember the old days.

The article told of how many people work at Walmart in each state and what they're paid. In Wyoming, it seems that Walmart employees are doing relatively well compared to the rest of the country. Here are some of the statistics listed based on Walmart stores in Wyoming:

> Walmart stores: 2 per 100,000 residents — 11th most (total: 14)
> Sales associates: 989 per 100,000 working-age adults — 4th most (total: 4,476)
> Average hourly wage: $15.20 — 11th highest
> Cost of living: 7.3% less than the national average — 23rd lowest

All things considered, there's a decent amount of Walmart employees in Wyoming and the pay is not bad in comparison with the rest of the country either at 11th overall.

So in case you're ever wondering about how many people in Wyoming work at Walmart or even what the pay is for the average employee there, now you know, roughly. Of course, keep in mind, there are several different positions there at different pay ranges, as there is with any job.

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