I'm sure this question has been debated going back as far as the first settlers in the West. Louis And Clark were probably tired on their way to the Pacific when they stopped in Wyoming and were befuddled that there wasn't a Waffle House. I get it. Sometimes, after a long day, you just want those hashbrowns.

But, it does lead to the question?

Why Isn't There A Waffle House In Wyoming?

Well, according to a TikToker, I think we might have an idea.

Here, check out the video, we'll discuss.


As the TikToker said, "WAFFLE HOUSE KNOWS"!

That's wild. I mean, I know it just has to be a coincidence, but I really just want to email someone from their corporate office and ask if the Super Volcano in Yellowstone is the real cause for keeping those hashbrowns away from us? And gravy. And biscuits. And biscuits and gravy.

Sorry, I got distracted.

But, still this is a really good point to be made. We're basically in the danger zone for the Super Volcano and Waffle House just happens to not have any of their restaurants in the danger zone. I mean, Colorado is pretty brave to have some, they're in the "ash zone", so you can't be too careful there.

What do you think? Did we just break this wide open? This might be the best conspiracy theory I've ever seen. I'm all in on this one. I mean, it's better than the one about the Denver Airport at least.

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