Like it or not, you’re about to check back in to the Overlook Hotel.

Via press release, the new HBO Max streaming service announced it had ordered three series from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot. Maybe the most intriguing of the three is Overlook, a show set in the world of The Shining. The press release described the show as...

...a horror-thriller series inspired by and featuring iconic characters from Stephen King's masterpiece The Shining. "Overlook" explores the untold, terrifying stories of the most famous haunted hotel in American fiction. The project reunites Bad Robot, King and WBTV, who previously collaborated on the acclaimed psychological-horror series “Castle Rock” for Hulu.

An anthology series set in the hotel from The Shining could be interesting. The glimpses we get of the hotel’s past in Stanley Kubrick’s film suggest you could shoot episodes in different time periods with different casts, all connected by some sort of unstoppable supernatural evil. You could even have a few recurring characters in the form of ghosts who continue to haunt the grounds year after year, season after season.

The other series HBO Max ordered from Bad Robot included an original called Duster, about “the life of a gutsy getaway driver for a growing crime syndicate goes from awful to wildly, stupidly, dangerously awful” which is co-written by Abrams and LaToya Morgan, and a show based on the DC Comics series Justice League Dark. 

Although some of HBO Max’s original content has been delayed by coronavirus, including a much-hyped Friends reunion special, the site is still expected to launch later this spring. And if you want more Shining content, the sequel from last year, Doctor Sleep is available on home video right now, and deserved a much wider audience than it got.

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