At one point, Jim Jefferies was sort of the comedy version of Hunter S. Thompson. The Australian stand-up has more drug stories than most rock stars, and back in 2014, he was chastised by Axl Rose while high on mushrooms.

Jefferies was recently a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote his Comedy Central show. After playing a show in Las Vegas, Jefferies found himself at a ridiculous party with “women having sex on the bar” and “people doing drugs openly.” While tripping on mushrooms, the comic was suddenly brought into a room where Axl Rose was sitting on the edge of a bed. Jefferies had done a bit about Axl showing up late to gigs during his stand-up show that same night.

Jefferies recalls the Guns N’ Roses singer saying, “Hey man, not a lot of people know that I’m a comedy enthusiast. I watched your show this evening, it was really great, I really enjoyed it, but it’s been completely overblown about how many times I showed up late for gigs.”

“He was offended by me teasing him,” Jefferies says. “I just became like a child and I went, ‘No offense meant, Mr. Rose. I’m sorry, Mr. Rose.’ To be honest, it was a lot of drugs, it could have just been a redheaded girl.”

At least Jim Jefferies got to take a picture with Axl, which Fallon held up for the audience. Check out Jim Jefferies telling his Axl Rose story in the clip above.

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