Duuuude, the waves in Wyoming are totally rad this year. After a snowy winter and a wet spring, the rapids are raging on the Snake River and surfers from all over the country are hanging ten in the Cowboy State.

"We're in the middle of Wyoming, and it's sick," Jackson native Russell Austin told the Surf Channel Television Network. "Surfers in the mountains, there are a bunch of us, we're undercover."

Austin is a member of the self-proclaimed Jackson Hole Navy, who claim the Snake River's Lunch Counter Rapid is even better than surfing in the ocean.

"Once you figure this wave out, you can get 15-minute rides," Austin claims. "After a while, it's ridiculous because you can't even stand up."

Locals began surfing the Snake River in the 1970s and the sport has steadily grown in popularity since. 1999 marked the launch of the clothing company Surf Wyoming. The apparel designers and outdoor enthusiasts have been making waves for 20 years now, producing shirts, hats, stickers and other lifestyle-oriented accessories from their shop on Main Street in Sheridan.


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