May 13th is Mother’s Day and sons and daughters may want to consider their parents’ sacrifices and the cost of raising them. For a middle-income family, the cost of raising a child to the age of 17 has risen to $233,610 according to Money.

Breaking that outrageous number down, an opploans study says the average parent spent spends $9,470 per year on their children, an amount that varies.

A state-by-state comparison shows parents in Washington DC spend the most on their kids, $17,920. The low end of child expenditures finds Montana at just $2,000 annually.

Now, the number we in The 44th State want to know about is where does Wyoming rank?

The average amount spent annually on Wyoming young’uns is $4,333 for a ranking that puts us 40th. That’s just behind Colorado, and just ahead of Wisconsin.

Before you judge, consider the cost of living, parental age, single or married and other factors come into play. See the study for yourself here.

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