Here we go again, someone is out letting the secrets flow that Wyoming is an awesome state to live in. They even went a step further and added takes on small rural towns and compiled a list of the top rural towns in Wyoming to buy real estate or retire in.

Sitting where you are, you're probably compiling a list in your head, let's see how you compare to what this guy says in his video from YouTube.

If you didn't feel like watching that whole video, you know, TL;DR, I got you. I watched the whole thing, so I'll give you the gist of what he went with. Also, with Wyoming's low population, he couldn't make a list of 10 just for the sake of doing it like other states, so we're looking at a top 6.

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  • Coming in at number 6 is Dubois. The creator of the video said, "the perfect place to live if you're dodging subpoenas". I like that.
  • Number 5 belongs to Lovell. Their crime rate is 58 percent less than the national average. This seems like a place where they'd film movies.
  • Number 4 goes to Sundance. I didn't know it was named after the "Sundance Ceremony". The more you know. I mean, I didn't expect someone to have that last name, but still.
  • Saratoga came in 3rd. The creator pushed for older people to check out the hobo hot springs in town. I've not personally been to the real hot springs, just what they have at the resort, but either way, get those joints and muscles soaked.
  • Hanna is 2nd on this list. The creator said property is cheaper there for retirees but don't move there if you're looking for a job, because there aren't any.
  • And number 1 belongs to Afton. I'm actually surprised by this, Afton was once named the ugliest town in Wyoming, but, hey, it's a great place to live or retire in.

What do you think? Do you agree with the content creator's ideas? I'll be honest, I was surprised Afton came in first. I feel bad for judging it since I've never actually been there, it was just tainted by a bad review of how aesthetically pleasing it is, or the lack thereof.

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