If there's one thing Wyoming's mountain ranges are suitable for, it's skiing. From Laramie to Cody, our state is home to stunning winter landscapes perfect for carving up powder or enjoying a session of nordic skiing. But according to Trip Advisor, only one Wyoming slope is one of the United States Best Places to Ski in 2023. Can you guess where?

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Jackson, Wyoming's Slopes Carve Up National Rankings

Surprise, surprise, the slopes of Jackson, Wyoming, have podiumed on Trip Advisor's list of top-skiing destinations in the U.S. Neighboring Colorado had three spots on the list - Breckenridge, Durango, and Vail. Wyoming's numerous other skiing spots, like Snowy Range, Pine Creek, and Hogaden, didn't even make the list.

And I couldn't help but wonder...why?

According to Trip Advisor, all of the locations in their top ten ski spots were ranked based on "the quality and quantity of reviews and ratings globally for accommodations, restaurants and things to do in destinations on Tripadvisor over the 12-month period between November 1, 2021, and October 31, 2022."

So, really, they weren't ranking just the skiing terrain or slope offerings. Their data was also based on the number of year-round activities held in the location. Naturally, Jackson's abundance of tourist activities outnumbers our small-town ski lodges.

That being said, Jackson is reputable for their multitude of top-notch ski lodges. Trip Advisor ranked Rendezvous Mountain as the best skiing destination in Jackson. In addition, Grand Targhee, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and Snow King are reputable for providing excellent ski experiences.

Wyoming's Other Beautiful Skiing Destinations

Just because Wyoming's other skiing spots didn't make Trip Advisor's list doesn't mean they aren't worth the trip.

  • Snowy Range is a favorite spot for SE Wyoming residents, and Casper's Hogadon Ski Area shouldn't be discounted.
  • If stunning scenery without the crowds of Jackson appeals to you, check out White Pine Ski Area, nestled in Bridger National Forest.
  • For a small-town feel, check out Cokeville's Pine Creek Ski Resort.
  • Or, if historic ski runs appeal to you, check out Wyoming's oldest ski area at Sleeping Giant Ski Area in Cody - it's also one of America's oldest ski destinations!

For more information on skiing in Jackson, click here.

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