It's a strange relationship, but once you know the backstory, you'll understand. It's the tale of a Montana dog named Toby and a raccoon named nugget who are life-long friends. Only problem is it's probably not really legal.

In case you think I'm making this up, here's what the owner had to saw about Toby and Nugget:

Toby dog hanging out with his very needy best friend. They have been friends since Nugget the raccoon was a baby.

I must say that Toby has more patience than I do. The raccoon acts the same way my younger son does to his brother.

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The comments on YouTube are having a field day with this. Here are some favorites:

Ryhoon - "Dog straight up ignoring my boy here"

Dog love - "Dog is like "dude get out of my shot"

Quintilla Batts - "This is so cute. A raccoon getting on a dogs nerves. He's like would you please leave me alone go BACK into the woods."

I hate to be the party pooper, but I'm surprised that this happened in Montana as the Montana Exotic Animal Laws don't allow for raccoons as pets unless they were grandfathered in prior to 1982. Perhaps they should consider a move to our state of Wyoming where this is completely OK.

I'm not the animal police, so I'll just accept this for what it's meant to innocent animal moment among pals.

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