After a year off due to austerity measures last year, the U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron and their elite team of jet fighter pilots: The Thunderbirds, are back.

In town to show the excellence of the USAF, this morning they came to the heart of Cheyenne, The Depot Plaza, to flip pancakes for the thousands and thousands of people for the free pancake breakfast, and to connect with the people they serve and protect.

Here is a woman who, in a male dominated career, exemplifies excellence and is one of the best of their best, Major Caroline Jensen proved to be humorous, humble, sharp, savvy, selfless and a solid team member of these amazing jet fighter pilots. She gets to fly a $20 Million F-16 and flip pancakes.

Cheyenne Frontier Days started in 1897, to promote travel to Cheyenne, Wyoming. In 1953, the free pancake breakfast was introduced to spread a warm western welcome to locals and visitors from around the world to experience the legend that is the American wild west, with Cheyenne front and center.