The latest Census data has Wyoming at nearly 580k population. I think most of us can agree that we like it that way. There's virtually no traffic, you aren't tripping over people, and we can all blame bad drivers on the Colorado Folks. There's a guy on TikTok that has over 100k followers and he recently made a video showing, "what he means when he says he lives in Wyoming". This video would be an awesome "Move to Wyoming" video, but, we don't actually want them moving here. Our population grew slower than most

I also enjoy the not that the "action in this video could result in serious injury" not really sure what type of action they're talking about, but I guess that's another way to dissuade tourists from doing more dumb stuff here. It's really cool to see all the things from his perspective.

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As I mentioned, this could absolutely be a "Move To Wyoming" video, it has everything that most other states don't have. A lot of the reason we have these things is our small population. But I can just imagine the nice, golden letters spelling out, "Move To Wyoming", followed by all of these great outdoor life reels.

In the end, we probably don't want the government to use this to attract more people to our state, but, this guy did an awesome job on the video. I'll admit, I've sent it to my friends that have sent me links saying that Wyoming doesn't exist. It does exist, and it's better than where you live.


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