After demonstrating to my follow Casperites how easy it is to parallel park, a co-worker and I had a discussion about a different parking ability that is probably more important to most Wyomingites: backing in a trailer.

While I totally understand that because of the Cowboy State's meager population and all are wide open spaces, there's not as much of a need to know how to parallel park, but there are a plethora of reasons why you would need to know how to back in a trailer. Whether it's for a boat, a side-by-side and/or transporting any manner of animal, the vast majority of Wyomingites are going to have to haul something on a trailer at some point in their lives. That includes both recreational and work reasons.

I can tell you from personal experience, having had to use trailers to haul disc jockey equipment across the state, backing up a trailer is a significantly more difficult task to master (in my opinion), than parallel parking.

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With that in mind, YouTube channel, Our Wyoming Life, posted a video titled "Teaching My Wife to Back Up a Trailer". Along with the very helpful tutorial, they included a caption that read:

My wife, Erin and I, have been on the ranch for years but up until today she has successfully avoided learning how to back up a trailer. We change that together and take a look at a few tips for backing up a trailer.

Do you know how to back in a trailer properly? Shot me a message or share a video/picture of you doing so using our app.

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