Could you imagine suing your friends just to get on television?

According to TikTok user @PalmerTrolls, real name Ben Palmer, he and his friends "used to sue each other to get on Court TV."

"The first time we did it, my one friend sued my other friend and I was my one friend's witness — and we won," Palmer explains in his viral TikTok video.

He adds that he's "glad we won because the court show pays the plaintiff whatever they sue for."

The video also reveals footage of him on Judge Alex, specifically him speaking about his victory while the credits for the show roll.

"Man, I'm just glad that we got this money," Palmer says in the court clip. "I really needed the money so bad, I'm broke. I have like three frozen hamburgers at home. I can't afford to buy toothpaste."

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Palmer also released a full YouTube video on his channel about his time on the network. The cases he was involved with were "Albanese vs. Palmer" and "Boyd vs. Dent."

"Boyd vs. Dent" featured a case about a comedian who was allegedly not paid for his services at a comedy show. The defendant claimed that the comedian's jokes offended the audience and that his appearance cost him money.

The judge and police officer in court were even seen laughing at the stand-up jokes played on the television screen. Palmer came onto the screen when the defendant brought up an offensive joke about the movie and character, Precious, during the second act of that night.

The second case, "Albanese vs. Palmer," was about how Palmer allegedly promoted the plaintiff's "Battle of the Beards" event for $4,000 and didn't get what he paid for.

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