Today marks the 16th anniversary of the "March Madness" storm. March 18, 2003, a blizzard rolled across the Front Range, dumping 18 inches of snow in 24 hours. It remains the snowiest single day in Cheyenne history.

When the storm eventually subsided two days later, nearly three feet of snow had fallen in the Capital City. Strong winds created 10-foot snowdrifts in some areas, effectively shutting down the city. Hundreds of motorists were stranded along Interstate 25 from Wyoming to New Mexico. Thousands more were grounded at Denver International Airport, which was closed due to the storm.

The "March Madness" storm also affected college basketball, forcing the University of Wyoming to postpone an NIT Tournament game and cancel classes. Meanwhile, the University of Colorado basketball team nearly had to postpone an NCAA tournament game when they couldn't get a flight out of Denver.

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