Boots have been a big part of the American old west for decades. Everyone has their favorite brand for various reasons. But how have people voted for their favorite brand? did a survey amongst cowboy boot wearers and found out who are the "big 5" amongst the voters. Today we'll look at what people are saying are the top 5 in western foot wear.

  1. Lucchese - The boots of Johnny Cash. Italian born Salvatore Lucchese started crafted his popular boot back in 1883. Men and women have been wearing these handcrafted boots for decades.
  2. Ariat - These boots were originally crafted for American equestrians by Beth Cross and Pam Parker. They are the boots I wear and I love them.
  3. Tony Lama - The founder of this boot company was born to immigrant Italian parents in 1887 and learned the trade at the age of 11, when he was a young apprentice in Syracuse, New York. His company really took off in the 1930's, when western stores requested the stocking of his well-known boots.
  4. Justin Boots - H.J. "Joe" Justin started out repairing boots in Gainesville, Texas. After getting a loan from the bank, he started his own brand of boots that cowboys still wear today.
  5. Dan Post - The brand was first introduced in the mid-1960's. They are known for their crafted exotic skins on their footwear and are popular amongst some boot wearers.

What are your favorite cowboy boots? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below and don't forget to add a photo of your favorite western footwear to boot!

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