Welcome to 2021, where YouTube dominates most of our online content consumption. It's also a great way to learn how to do a lot of Do It Yourself items around your house. But mostly, I think we just waste time watching videos about things that we really aren't that interested in, we're just bored.

With that in mind, why don't we see what the most watched videos that have to do with the Capitol City? Let's see what gets those hits, and see if they're more than just curing our own boredom.

Coming in at Number 5, this video shows just how bad I-80 gets in the winter time. It even shows a wreck in action. Man, this is pretty rough. To answer your questions, yes, I've watched it a few times in a row.

The 4th most-watched video that has to do with Cheyenne on YouTube, this video will probably be shared like crazy by people who don't want you to move to Wyoming. I mean, it really tells you not to move here. Good.

Want to watch a transformer in Cheyenne blow up? The person that took this netted the Number 3 video for most views. And if you like destruction and sparks and fire, this video is for you.

The guys from South Park made an online Deep Fake series, Sassy Justice. You may not like the content at hand, but, hey, they show the Depot prominently! There's that!

Time for the pick of the litter, the top dog, the most viewed YouTube video that has to do with Cheyenne! What does it have to do with? TRAINS! Yes, that makes so much sense!

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