While we were already excited and waiting for the upcoming 4-Ever West Tattoo Festival and Paint Slingers, behind the scenes of both events, along with help from the Cheyenne DDA, Visit Cheyenne, and the City of Cheyenne, we have a new creation, CultureX.

CultureX, from what I can tell from their release yesterday, is a combination of the two festivals that both have heavy influences on the community in the way of art. So, while the two events have routinely been occurring at the same time, now it's all going under one brand. So, we're not losing any aspects of the festival we've all grown to appreciate, if anything, it could end up being better than ever with the combined efforts.

Here's the official announcement from the CultureX Facebook account.

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT! The creators of Paint Slingers and the 4- Ever West Tattoo Festival have been working hard with partners at The City Of Cheyenne, Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority - DDA and Visit Cheyenne to pull the annual Street Art and Tattoo Festival under one brand! July 14-17, 2022, we invite you to experience CultureX--where you can experience tattoo and street art, glass blowing, steamrolled prints and more all in downtown Cheyenne!

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So, what does CultureX mean for Paint Slingers And the 4-Ever West Tattoo Festival?

It means that they have a new brand for both events. They'll essentially just be combined, so when you see CultureX in July, you'll know it's the same event you've been used to for the past 6 years. Really, nothing is changing outside of the fancy new name, which I really like.

Now, the countdown is on for mid-July!

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