Two skunks have tested positive for rabies in Weld County this year. The first skunk to test positive for rabies was discovered on January 15 near La Salle. The second and most recent skunk with rabies was found on a residential property in Platteville on April 28.


In 2020, Weld County reported a total of eight cases of rabies in six bats and two skunks. According to the Greeley Tribune, an incident between two dogs and the second skunk that tested positive for rabies was the catalyst in the discovery of the second case of rabies.

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Officials are asking for anyone who might have touched or handled the skunk, or if a pet might have been in contact with the specific skunk to contact the health department at 970-400-2290.

Rabie is a disease that is fatal if not treated. The Rabies virus is spread by the saliva of an animal that is infected. Vaccinations can treat rabies if the treatment is given before symptoms begin to appear.

The main source of rabies in Colorado comes from bats and skunks. However, rabies can be carried by foxes, raccoons, coyotes, and other wild animals. Pets should be regularly vaccinated by a veterinarian against the rabies virus.

Source: Greeley Tribune

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