Since their 2010 launch in San Francisco, the ride-sharing company Uber has revolutionized human transportation with drivers using their own vehicles for rides with a competitive pricing structure,

People like Uber and their customer base is growing rapidly. After 6 years, Uber has a valuation of over $60 billion.

Uber faces some legal troubles, a disgruntled taxi industry and some unhappy customers and a stack of lawsuits and will probably come to Wyoming soon. Wyoming, Alaska and South Dakota are states that do not have Uber yet. Laws need to be changed and legislation is being prepared.

You can drive for Uber as long as you are over 21, can pass a criminal background check, and have a relatively new car. The driver pool is growing but research suggests that Uber drivers don’t actually make more money than their taxi-driving counterparts.

An Uber study shows that the company’s driver retention rate is not impressive. Just one year after becoming an active Uber driver, only about 50% of users are still around.

Still very few companies have grown as fast, or as large, as Uber has. Will you use them? Would you drive for them. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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