Back in March of 2017 when Uber was approved to operate in Wyoming, a safeguard included passengers being able to report drivers behavior. Well, now a driver can report a passenger via the same Uber app.

Starting Tuesday, the app update can allow drivers to report annoying passengers.

Here are tips on how not to get reported and make your driver happy in these 6 categories:

Attitude: Don't harass the driver because he isn't wearing Wyoming colors or a cowboy hat. Just let the driver be. Also, don't ask the Colorado drivers if they are smuggling pot. They don't think it's funny.

Number of riders: Late night Wyomingites travel in packs. Don't bring the whole crew and try to fit in a Prius. Don't have anyone try to sit on the driver's lap.

Wait time: Wyomingites are not New Yorkers, so we sometimes have a hard time making everyone else's schedule. The foot of snow that will inevitably fall on you in the two minutes while you are waiting will probably be enough to get you ready.

Patience: They are likely driving some ridiculous Eco car that doesn't have the get-up-and-go you may be used to. Just smile and go with the flow as you sputter toward your destination.

Changing route: Agree on the best late night Mexican food place before getting in the car. Come on folks, don't make your poor driver go from one end of town to the other without planning ahead.

Cleanliness:  Don't smash Potato Oles between the seats. Also, don't forget to get the horse bombs out of your boots before getting in the car.

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