Most of us know that living in Wyoming you have to be very careful when you are out in the wilderness, cause there are a lot of WILD animals. So I decided to give you some survival tips that I found online for the most common animal types in the cowboy state.

Thanks to websites such as,, and I feel like I have found the best methods to deal with these wild animals when the time arises.

1. Rattlesnakes: suggests that you keep your distance at all costs when it comes to these guys. At least 15 feet and even more if they are coiled up and their heads are raised. This means they are ready to attack at any cost. However, we live in Wyoming and we have rattlesnakes in tall grass that goes up to our knees in some areas. So if we do step on one and get bit they say to keep your heart rate down call poison control and get to a hospital ASAP!

2. Bears: Now this one varies for obvious reasons. There are black bears and grizzly bears. says to always carry pepper spray with you when out camping or hunting for either one. The main difference in how to react when you are face to face with one of these guys is black bears are smaller. So they suggest making yourself big and intimidating. One suggestion they said was to fight the black bear... I'm not so sure about that one. Grizzlies are the exact opposite, they say you should not run. Just stay still and play dead.

3. Elk: I have lived in Wyoming for my whole life and had never known how to deal with an elk encounter. Apparently, you should stay as far away as possible and stay in your car. Also, suggests that you don't wear any fruity cologne.

4. Bedbugs: I've heard many stories about how to get rid of these nasty little things but, this has to be one of the funniest stories.

" Back when I used to live in Brooklyn, our loft in Williamsburg was overrun by bedbugs one summer. I had the telltale red bites from head to toe. We were going broke just trying to pay the rent, and our landlord wouldn’t help, so my roomates and I resolved to tackle the problem ourselves. First, we stripped all our bedding and took that and all our clothes to the laundromat and ran everything through several hot-water cycles. While that was happening, we dusted every surface with diatomaceous earth and packed it into all the nooks and crannies in our furniture. We even cut the fabric off the underside of our couch and filled its springs and frame with the powder. Then we set off way more flea bombs than the square footage called for and hung out at a local dive bar until it was safe to go back home. It might have been luck, but that did the trick. You can beat them."

Straight from personal experience. I couldn't have said it better myself. Not to mention it's a pretty inexpensive way to handle the problem.

5. Mountain Lions: Although we don't run into mountain lions all that often. ( or at least I don't!) The correct way to deal with them is to be big and loud make lots of noise and throw things like rocks and water bottles at them. Much like a black bear you are supposed to look and sound intimidating. Whatever you do, DO NOT LIE DOWN. You will become dinner for that hungry lion.

Thanks again to,, and for these helpful tips.

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