March has not been a kind month to drivers in Wyoming. There have been various studies released just this month that note the recklessness, rudeness, and overall bad driving of Wyoming citizens. And like going to the doctor for a second, third, or fourth opinion, once again, Wyoming drivers do not show up well on another list.

Edwards Kirby Attorneys at Law released a study showing that Wyoming has the 2nd most dangerous drivers in the U.S. In this particular study, the overall levels of risk and road safety were factored in among many of the usual research that doesn't show well for the state of Wyoming on the roads such as the number of motor vehicle fatalities per capita, number of serious motor vehicle injuries per capita, and number of DUIs per capita.

Wyoming had the highest number of motor vehicle fatalities per capita and also tied for the most DUIs per capita. With those already going against the state's drivers, it's tough for any levels of risk and road safety, which were much more respectable in Wyoming, to save their overall state score. The state that had the most dangerous drivers in the U.S. was Alabama. That was due in large part that they nearly doubled Wyoming with the number of serious motor vehicle injures per capita.

South Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi rounded out the top five with the most dangerous drivers. With Washington D.C. counting within the study, it was technically ranked 1st for having the safest drivers while New York, Hawaii, Minnesota, and Massachusetts made up the top five in that category.

In the meantime, the bar has been set pretty low with some of these rankings for Wyoming. Therefore we're due to bounce back Wyoming. We got this. Have a great weekend and stay safe on the roads!

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