As the weather gets warmer, more of us will be out and about in the grand wilderness known as Wyoming. With this, there is an opportunity to see the amazing wildlife that Wyoming has to offer.

This, however, could lead to some dangerous situations.

Though there are plenty of animals who will not cause you any harm, there are also several animals who can and will cause serious harm if messed with. So to help you better prepare for your outdoor adventures, here are the top animals that could cause some serious damage.

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#1 Bison

Let us start with Wyoming's most well-known animal, the mighty bison. This over 2,000 lb beast can stand at 6 ft tall and is held sacred to several tribes of Indigenous people. However, due to overhunting, the bison almost went extinct. This is likely why they will go after any human who decides to push their buttons. In fact, in 2020, one Yellowstone bison decided he had had enough of us and ripped the pants off a woman. So, if you run across these majestic creatures, remember they still hold a grudge against us for our actions in the past, so enjoy them from a distance.

Daniel Lloyd Blunk Fernandez via Unsplash
Daniel Lloyd Blunk Fernandez via Unsplash

#2 Moose

Moving on to another horned creature, moose are the largest of all deer species, being well over 1,000 lbs and standing over 6 ft tall. Though they are known for rarely becoming aggressive, they are not afraid to completely ruin those who push them too far. When instigated, they can run faster than one would expect and will trample those who get in their way. Best to observe them from a more than reasonably safe distance.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

#3 Bears

When it comes to Wyoming, we are bear country. With this in mind, one must be wary of the more dangerous of our bears, the grizzly bear. Though their cubs are sweet and cuddly, the adult bears are 800 lbs of pure muscle, and they will fiercely protect those whom they care about the most. Though moose and bison have antlers and hooves, the grizzly has a far more extensive set of natural weapons, with razor-sharp claws and a mouth full of sharp teeth. As long as your stay bear aware, you should not have any issues with the grizzly or any other type of bear.

Grizzly Bear Portrait
JeannetteKatzir, ThinkStock Images

#4 Mountain Lions

Considered the most dangerous animal on this list, the mountain lion is dangerous because they are stealthy. Though they tend to be quite shy, these 200 lb murder kittens can just 15 ft high and 40 ft across and will attack if provoked. They also have a full set of claws and teeth and are not afraid to use them. Staying in groups helps to keep them far away, but if you hear a scream in the night, know that a mountain lion is near and keep on your toes.

Mountain Lion on moss covered rocks during spring time
moose henderson via Getty Images

#5 Snakes

Though we do not see them often, there are many many snakes in Wyoming. These include the prairie rattlesnake, the midget faded rattlesnake, and the western hog-nosed snake. All three of these snakes are considered poisonous, with the hog-nosed snake being the least concerning of the three. However, being bit by any of these snakes will ruin your scenic hike and will cause a trip to the ER. As long as you keep careful of where you step, it would be best if you did not run into them.

Prairie Rattlesnake

#6 Wolves

Here is another animal that still holds a grudge about their near extinction, the grey wolves in Wyoming are stunning but deadly. These 125 lb canines are more than capable of causing some serious damage. They have sharp claws as well and carry with them a full set of teeth that they are not afraid to use. Though most wolf attacks are from rabid wolves, it is best just to avoid them altogether.

Wild Place Project Welcomes A Pack Of Wolves
Getty Images

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