Easter Bunny folklore dates back to 1682, and German tradition says the hare would judge the behavior of children as to whether they were naughty or nice (sound familiar?) and was usually depicted as bringing Easter eggs.

While cute and cuddly, America's 3rd most popular pet and 10-year commitment, is frequently given as gifts to children and almost as quickly abandoned because the novelty wore off or they came to the realization of the amount of care these critters need.

“The four-legged hoppers can also be temperamental when not spayed/neutered.”

They are not always great with young children. They chew food, but also furniture and electrical cords. These are some of the reasons many Easter Bunnies are returned within a few after Easter.

poochyenarules, Reddit
poochyenarules, Reddit

Many stores will not sell rabbits around Easter. Lynette says Cheyenne’s Petco does not sell them at all.

Cheyenne Animal Shelter’s Tiffany Logan says they see a small influx of rabbits and ducks after Easter. They have an easier time adopting out the ducks. Taking in around 100 rabbits a year, there are actually more rabbits brought into the shelter after the county fair.

Stick to the chocolate rabbits.


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