1st of all, the videos on this page are NSFW. Stupidity hurts and the language is explicit.

Wyoming has fireworks stands all over, but mostly near our borders. Out-of-staters come to buy what they can’t get at home. Most states have banned the gunpowder filled products because people get hurt and fires get started.

This 4th of July, expect some 10,500 people to be injured.

“Severe fireworks-related injuries from homemade fireworks and shells/mortars disproportionately cause permanent impairment from eye and hand injury.” - American Journal of Emergency Medicine

The most dangerous fireworks you can buy are the shell and mortar style, which usually have the directions of “put the barrel-like mortar on the ground pointing skyward, pop in the grenade-like shell, light the fuse — and run.” - Seattle Times.

Of course, you get idiots, often alcohol fueled, who hold the fireworks and end up losing fingers, eyes or sustaining some kind of damage.

Trollstation via Youtube
Trollstation via Youtube


Celebrating our country’s 242nd birthday doesn’t have to end up in the ER or with a visit from the fire department. That’s up to you.

Control alcohol consumption, the environment (keep away from flammable materials) keep a water source handy, read the instructions and, here’s the shakey part, use common sense. Oh, and avoid fireworks from “Two Fingered Joe’s.”

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