We all have our reasons for wanting to get where we're going as fast as we can. Sometimes we're running late, or we had something unexpected on the way that temporarily slowed us down. No matter what the reason, in Wyoming, when we're going somewhere, we're getting there fast...And we have the speeding tickets to prove it.

A recent study done by the car insurance comparison platform, Insurify, showed which states in the U.S. have the most speeding tickets. Believe it or not, Wyoming has actually made an improvement on this list...by one. For the past year, Wyoming ranks as the state with the 8th most speeding tickets in the U.S. (percentage-wise, that is). Last year, we were 7th on the list, so can we take as a victory? Probably not.

The percentage of drivers with a speeding ticket in Wyoming is 13.74. To give some frame of reference, Ohio has the top percentage of drivers with a speeding ticket in the country at 16.12 percent. Here's what Insurify had to say about our speeding ticket problems in Wyoming:

Cowboy State drivers are seriously living up to their Wild West namesake. Wyoming drivers accrue speeding tickets at a rate 24 percent greater than the average driver’s. They also fail to stop at red lights or stop signs at the second-highest rate in the nation (34 percent greater than the national average). Wyoming’s maximum speed limit is already higher than the national median by 10 mph, so it’s both impressive and concerning that drivers still manage to violate speeding regulations at such high rates.

By maximum speed limit, they me 75 miles per hour, which, in fact, is 10 mph more than the national median in on urban interstates (65 mph).

At least in Wyoming, we have bragging rights on Colorado, they showed as 6th in the nation with 13.99 percent of their drivers having speeding tickets on their record. After Ohio, Virginia, Iowa, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Nebraska finished in the spots before Wyoming on the list.

While I'd like to properly tell everyone to 'slow down and watch their speed', I'd be lying if I didn't catch myself speeding from time to time, mostly by accident, like if I didn't realize how fast I was going at the time or for whatever reason, wasn't sure what the speed limit was until I saw the next sign. I'm certainly guilty of being someone who wants to get where they're going as fast as I can, without breaking the law of course, and doing it in the safest manner possible.

So I guess it's best to say to try to do what you can to make sure you drive safe, obey speed limits, and chill when you're on the road. We're all in a hurry, but in the end, we have a lot more time than we realize. Drive safe, Wyoming!

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