Earlier this year, the state of Wyoming was named as one of the states that had the rudest drivers in America, along with having some of the worst drivers in the country. Now it looks like they've narrowed down the info to the rudest drivers in the state, and Cheyenne was their pick out of the Cowboy State.

It's odd that the city would be called out for such a thing since people in Cheyenne generally have one of the lowest commute times when compared with almost any other city in the country. Perhaps we've become spoiled with that. Any sort of traffic around the city often feels like it can get congested more often than not. In Wyoming, any sort of congestion is pretty awful given how spread out everything typically is, so this is one of many things that can certainly contribute to negative attitudes while on the streets of Cheyenne.

Insurify, an auto insurance company, recently performed a study based on several factors including violations such as failure to yield or failure to stop, and others such as passing where prohibited, street racing, tailgating, and hit-and-runs. In Cheyenne, we had 34.56 residents for every 1,000 cited for 'rude behavior'. It was 4 percent more than the state average. This also seemed to be about average across the country for the cities with the rudest drivers in their respective state. The worst was in Ranchero Cordova, CA where that number is 65.37 residents for every 1,000. There, pretty much everyone is just angry when they're in their car.

We all want to get to our destination as fast as possible so it all makes perfect sense. Sometimes there's not a direct route to certain places we need to get around town just because of the city design. There's literally an airport and the Wyoming Air National Guard right in the middle of the city so we have to drive around all that space. Of course, we need all the space for those two locations so where they are placed is the only unfortunate thing. It makes for the not-so direct routes around town.

In the meantime, let's all do our part in doing what we can to be more patient with everyone else on the roads. Be safe and take care of each other, Cheyenne!

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