Just days after being labeled as having the most reckless drivers in America, then also being in the top five for the rudest drivers in the country, now we're near the top for having the worst drivers in America. Something tells me we're not too good at being on the road.

A new report from the National Highway Traffic Highway Safety Administration has made a list of the worst drivers in America and Wyoming was pretty high up on the list. Wyoming finished as having the 14th worst drivers in America. I mean, it's not like we made the top ten or anything, but that shouldn't be a goal that we should shoot for.

Wyoming finished poorly in three main statistics in the research. One was fatal crash rate per 100,000 drivers which was 55.3. Only Mississippi who finished as the worst state for drivers in the country had more at 59.6. We had the most fatal crashes involving a drowsy driver per 100,000 drivers with 6.0. That was also the most by quite a bit. And we had the third most DUI arrests per 100,000 drivers at 1,466.3. Only South Dakota and North Dakota had more.

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Texas, New Mexico, Missouri, and Oklahoma followed Mississippi for the top five states with the worst drivers while Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Connecticut, and New York had the best drivers in the country.

This info is not meant to shame, but only to inform, and based on the statistical research, we could definitely be doing better on our part, as could everyone everywhere else. Mainly, if you are ever going to go out for a few drinks, that's perfectly fine, but make sure you have a sober ride home, whether it be a sober friend, an Uber, Lyft, or a taxi. Please be safe on the roads, everyone, and please drink responsibly.

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