For about an hour Warren AFB In Cheyenne, WY lost control of all of the nukes on October 23, 2010.

This was featured on the History Channel's Hanger One Mufon show  and again on the Sci-Fi Channel’s Close Encounters. (Malstrom AFB in Great Falls, MT was featured on Close Encounters and the control of those missiles is based at Warren – Malstrom problem was in the 60′s and UFO related). FE Warren AFB here in Cheyenne had a problem one night in October of 2010. Witnesses say a large cigar-shaped UFO was sighted over the base and during a period reported between fifty and fifty-nine minutes, the base lost all control of it’s nuclear missile systems.

The base is responsible for the control of more than 50 ICBM missiles in time of war. The base command said that their was an outage but the missiles could have been launched with back up controls. The History Channel show stated that UFOs are attracted to energy sources and nuclear missiles certainly represent a large source of BOOM.

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