One of the best bladesmiths in the Cowboy State was on national television last night, appearing on the History Channel series "Forged In Fire".

Bar Nunn native Seth Marshall started making knives for fun in 2014. His hobby turned into a business last year when he founded a company specializing in custom knives and blades.

Marshall was one of four contestants tasked to re-create the infamous ax once used by the legendary pirate Blackbeard using materials from a buccaneer's treasure chest. Although he didn't win the $10,000 prize, the self-proclaimed "Rocky Moutain Ruffneck" had a great time on the show.

"The other guys I competed against are all stand-up gentlemen," Marshall told Oil City News. "Since I’ve dove into the bladesmithing community, the sense of camaraderie is so strong.”

The latest episode of Forged In Fire premiered last night and will replay several times during the next week. Viewers can also stream the episode from the History Channel online. 

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