If you've ever doubted the power of lightning, check out this video of what a recent strike did to a huge tree in the Wyoming wilderness.

This video was taken near Afton, Wyoming. Look at the huge crack that the lightning etched in this huge tree.

According to the video description, this was the result of a storm that hit Wyoming in late July. The lightning nearly split the tree in two.

To give you an idea of how much power one bolt of lightning possesses, National Geographic shared some nifty lightning facts including that it can contain up to 1 billion volts. That's an all caps BILLION in case you didn't catch that.

One other daunting lightning stat that blew my mind is that National Geographic says that a streak of lightning can move up to 200,000,000 miles per hour. For reference, that's how fast trucks travel on Wyoming Boulevard sometimes. (Slight exaggeration maybe)

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