A new video shows that one of Yellowstone's most famous lakes is now ideal for...skating.

A family from Bozeman recently shared a video of a day trip they made to Quake Lake in Yellowstone. Hard to believe that it's already frozen enough for a good ole hockey skate.

Here's what the family shared about their adventure:

In late November, a friend who knows we are a hockey family and drives by Quake Lake everyday told me the lake was frozen and glassy - perfect for skating. On 12/7/2020 my wife and I pulled our son from school early and drove from Bozeman to check it out with one of his peewee hockey teammates. I've been fascinated with Quake Lake for nearly 25 years and it was an incredibly rare, first-time experience.

If you're not familiar with Quake Lake, it was created by the largest earthquake in Yellowstone history from the landslide that hit Hebgen Reservoir, the 7.3 that struck on August 17, 1959. The lake straddles the Montana/Wyoming border in Yellowstone.

Watching a family have a fun pre-winter skate across Quake Lake is a nice distraction from the violent history that put the lake there in the first place.

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