Over the past weekend, we have definitely lucked out in southeast Wyoming and that is putting it extremely lightly. For some on the northwestern side of the state, things have been terribly heartbreaking and devastating for some. By now, you may have heard how all of the entrances to Yellowstone National Park are currently closed. While this is currently said to be only temporary, some videos show incredible disasters nearby.

The flooding that has surrounded Yellowstone National Park has created hazardous conditions for roads and done plenty of damage. The park has posted plenty of video and footage on their Facebook page to show what exactly is happening around the park.

As Yellowstone National Park posted on their Facebook page, the above video affects the north entrance road between Mammoth Hot Springs in Wyoming and Gardiner, MT through Gardner Canyon.

Another video of the flooding from Monday (June 13th) was posted in the Mammoth/Gardiner Community Message Board on Facebook. It shows just how high the water has gotten and how fast it's traveling as well. This happened to be along 89 South in Yankee Jim Canyon, just off to the north in Montana.

Probably the worst of footage posted in the Mammoth/Gardiner Community Message Board was the video below in Gardiner, MT as the flood took a house with it.

The footage is devastating to look at and you can hear the same sentiment from onlookers nearby in the background.

While the footage is certainly heartbreaking, there have been several posts and comments in that message board that have been suggesting ways to help those affected by the floods in northwest Wyoming and southwestern Montana. Despite the tough times for some, the community has been very benevolent in several posts that give information on local places helping and where those affected can reach out.

Yellowstone National Park is keeping the public update as much as possible about what's happening on their Facebook page and through their website.

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