Here's a fun way to prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse. The new Walking Dead wine just arrived in Wyoming with an interactive label that brings booze, and brain-eating daywalkers to life.

Each bottle features a "living label" that reenacts scenes based on the popular television show through a smartphone app. The "Blood Red Blend" depicts a battle between Sheriff Rick Grimes and a group of walkers in a wine shop. The "Cabernet Sauvignon" label triggers a swarm of roamers who jump out of the bottle. The labels interact with each other, allowing characters from different bottles to fight each other.

Walking Dead wine is a follow-up to the popular 19 Crimes series, which introduced the concept of "augmented reality" wine labels last year. Each bottle also includes a commemorative cork featuring images from the show. The wine is now available in limited supplies at Town and Country Supermarket Liquors in Cheyenne.



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