In case you didn't know, things are done a little differently in California. If you doubt me, watch the response of a most excellent California dude who got bluff-charged in his yard by a big ole bear.

How did this man respond to seeing a large apex predator in his yard? Well, he went outside to capture video of course. Here's how Bill and/or Ted described the encounter:

I was walking outside and low and behold a big black bear was in my front yard! I went to take a video of him, and he was not too keen on the bear paparazzi and charged me! Thank god he didn't follow thru or I'd be lunch

He's correct. He could have been lunch. Instead, just a bear showing some claws and chuffing a bit.

The comments on YouTube have been roasting this California dude as you might have guessed:

Carrie Foy - "If you’re not afraid of this bear, that’s your first mistake."

One guy seemed to be hoping for something more dramatic...

Chris K. - "Well if you “ain't scared” why don’t you get closer."

I agree with Tracy.

Tracy Powers - "Beautiful bear. Careful crazy dude..😁🖖🏽🙏🏼"

The praying hands is the appropriate response to this California guy who almost met his very righteous Maker by being on the wrong end of a bear confrontation.

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