I have now officially seen it all. A farmer has captured the imagination of the internet by cradling a donkey while singing "Over the Rainbow" and it is wonderful. Really.

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This man is known as Mr. Donkers on TikTok. I'm gonna take a wild guess that it has something to do with his donkeys (or at least I hope). There's no reason or location given, but a quiet moment has been shared with him consoling a donkey in the most Wizard of Oz way possible.

Is it just me or does it seem like the donkey really is enjoying this? It's almost like the donkey NEEDS this song at this time. It does appear he begins to pull away near the end because we all can only listen to "Over the Rainbow" for only so long before we snap, right?

My only real experience with donkeys was a benefit basketball game once. My donkey was named Mr. T and the animal had the same attitude as the A-Team character he was named after. I can testify it's difficult if not impossible to change a donkey's mind about something when he's decided otherwise. Perhaps I should have tried singing "Over the Rainbow", but the donkey basketball moment was awkward enough already.

I'm glad this donkey received the comfort he needed in this difficult time for us all. Now, back to the pasture to do donkey things in his donkey world.

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