This just in. You're not going anywhere fast especially when you're behind a massive bison in Yellowstone National Park as a new video share proves.

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This short and fun moment in Yellowstone was shared by a husband and wife today with the following hilarious commentary.

Driving through Yellowstone and a large bison bull took over the road. My husband says, “we will be in everyone’s video,” because as we pass by everyone has their cell phones out.

Yes, when a bison is managing your lane of traffic in Yellowstone, you'll likely be in a lot of people's videos. In this case, the video is theirs.

There's nothing really profound to add to this big guy living amongst the drivers of Yellowstone. Every single time my family visited Yellowstone National Park over the years, we ended up in this exact situation. It's the one time when traffic was moving slowly that we absolutely love.

It's a bison's world. We are all just living in it. (and sometimes driving...S-L-O-W-L-Y.)

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