Normally, when someone gets this close to a moose bull, bad things happen. The opposite was true for a young Colorado girl who just shared an innocent moment with one of these large beasts through a window in her home.

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According to 9NEWS share on YouTube, this video comes from Katie Buschner in Grand Lake, Colorado. This past week, their family had a close encounter of the moose kind which resulted in an unexpected innocent moment between a child and an animal. Watch as the huge moose doesn't seem to know what to do with the little girl.

As American Expedition mentions, this bull's antlers will take up to 5 months to mature. Most will shed their racks in December and almost immediately begin to grow new ones. This curious guy will likely look even more intimidating in the weeks to come.

As far as Grand Lake, Colorado is concerned, it doesn't get much more beautiful or wild than this part of the state located well to the west of Denver. The area is almost completely wilderness which makes this home ripe for seeing wildlife of all kinds.

While it's not advised to get up-close and personal with a moose when you're not separated by windows, have to love this little girl who isn't afraid and just wants to play with the wildlife at her back door.

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