It's hunting season in Wyoming, and that means that the opportunity for Bear and human encounters is going to increase over the next few months.

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If you're hunting in Wyoming, it's important to be prepared for these encounters. If you're not sure what to do when a Grizzly Bear or Black Bear attacks you can learn specific details here in this post.

Or, you can watch this video where a Grizzly Bear Sow Charges an Alaskan Guide (and his group).

I took the time to read the guide's lengthy commentary on the video and wanted to point out a few key details before you watch it.

First, he notes that they are at a safe distance from the Bears they are photographing and that this Bear surprised them by coming from another spot.

Second, he mentions that his Bear spray was handed off to an assistant at an earlier time. He mentions that there was no point in trying to get it.

Third, when it is clear the Bear is not leaving, he tells his group to get behind him and put their arms in the air. In his own words, this is why he had them do that; "I am the only person with any hope of stopping it, meaning I need to be in front, facing that risk head-on with nothing and no one impeding my movements. If a bear charges with intent to kill, you only get one shot to stop it before it grabs someone at this distance."

Do you think you could have stayed this calm and reacted in all the right ways when an irritated Grizzly was charging you?

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