This is probably the craziest thing I've ever seen caught on a security camera video in my entire life.

A new viral video depicts an insane turn of events. A man and his wife are leaving their home to start their day (you can clearly hear the gentleman say good morning to one of his neighbors that is jogging by), when a bobcat attacks the wife.

The video was shared to Twitter by Sada (@EvilZamora) on Thursday, April 15th, 2021. The short, 46-second video is one of the most savage, wild animal attacks I've ever seen in a residential area.

*Be aware, some of the language near the end of the video is NSFW.*

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I've been unable to pinpoint exactly where this took place, because the video has been shared thousands of times on several different social media platforms. What is for sure is that the bobcat runs across the street on the top left portion of the video, runs around one of the vehicles and attacks the woman holding a small animal cage. Although, I'm not for sure what type of animal was in the carrier, by its size, it's safe to assume it was probably a small dog or cat.

After the woman screams and attempts to get away by running in between two vehicles, the husband grabs the animal off of her backside. You can clearly hear him scream:

Oh my god, it's a bobcat!

He then throws the animal across the yard and proceeds to pull a handgun out from behind what appears to be a holster in his back pocket.

That escalated very quickly. Luckily, it doesn't seem like anyone was gravely injured.

It is believed the animal had rabies as bobcats are mostly nocturnal and rarely attack humans.

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