Thanks to video smart phone app, TikTok, a video from two years has gone viral... again!

The video (shown below), which was posted by Emily Sophie, is unique to say the least. The short video claims that you will only hear the word your reading and gives you two options: green needle or brainstorm.

I have no clue what kind of witchcraft this is, but I have watched the video multiple times. No matter which word I'm looking at, I can only hear the word I'm reading. Considering how drastically different the two words are, this is the epitome of a brainteaser.

It's no wonder the video has gone viral. It has been viewed over 6 million times and shared all over social media, from Facebook to Twitter and by some very famous people.

The original audio is from a child's toy (check out the video below). In case you were wondering, it really is supposed to be saying "brainstorm", but it shows just how spectacular the human brain actually is.

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