As a Wyomingite, we know one thing that most tourists don't. Don't touch, pet, take as a selfie, or really get near a buffalo. It usually ends up bad, like getting gored bad. Ending up in the hospital bad. Blaming a wild animal for your stupidity bad. But, there's a horse trainer in Canada that's like, nah, I'm going to ride a buffalo like I do with my horses. God bless him.

The video shows the man riding a bison from his ranch to his supermarket. Seems like an interesting way to get around I suppose. Doesn't seem like a bad ride, honestly. I'm one of those that did get bucked off a horse and never got back on, so I don't think riding a bison is for me. But, check this out.

This is so nonchalant, I love it. He just ties the big guy(or girl) up and goes straight into the grocery. Like it's normal. I know it's obviously a stunt and the guy is a pro, but still. If I'm going to King Soopers, I'm not expecting to have a Bison parked next to me as I go in to get some chili beans. Just going to put that out there.

The video from CTV News also says he performs rodeos with Texas Longhorns, so this guy is a pro. What do you think, would you be shocked to see a guy riding around the streets of Wyoming on a bison? I don't know if I would, but I'd at least be off-put, to say the least.

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