If you are a foodie and also love the great outdoors, Men With The Pot is the best thing on the internet right now.

The two men that make up their team, Slawek Kalkraut and Krzysztof Szymanski, have yet to put out a bad video. Every single one looks tasty. As a bit of a sausage/hot dog connoisseur myself, when I saw their latest video (posted today: January 14th, 2021), for the "Prettiest Sausage Rolls You Will Ever See", I knew this was going to be the next recipe that I have to try first hand.

As much as I love hot dogs, I'm not a super fan of pretzels, but considering they made the dough from scratch, it's safe to assume you can use virtually any type of bread dough for a base.

The homemade honey pepper mustard sauce makes it all look that much more appealing.

As the video description states, it doesn't look too difficult to make and if you're like me and not a fan of pork, there are literally a plethora of other type of sausages options you can use.

This is going to be my Sunday-sports-watching-lunch. Matter of fact, if mine turn out even half as good as the ones in the video, it might end up being my dinner too!

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