A violent arrest at a Loveland Target has gone viral, sparking outrage on social media.

Loveland Police are responding after a video went viral where of a man being arrested on the ground with officers on top of him, punching him in the side and legs, and one even using a baton. Loveland Police say the man was resisting arrest.

The video, posted on Instagram by user alyssalouiss has since gone viral with many accusing the officers of excessive force. The post says that police were called after the man argued with store employees when they would not let him shop without a mask.

From the Loveland Police Department:

An officer contacted the male in the parking lot. After attempts to engage the male verbally were unsuccessful, the officer began placing the male in handcuffs. The male resisted the initial responding officer and other officers that arrived on scene.


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I’m posting this here because people keep asking me how to share it and my story isn’t letting anyone for some reason. This happened at target in centerra loveland, Colorado. This man was trying to shop at target but argued with employees when they wouldn’t let him shop without wearing a mask ( and yes he most definitely should be wearing one but that’s not an excuse for the cops behavior). In the target I saw multiple white women, men, and children shopping without masks. They then called the cops on him for cussing at an employee and there were at least 10 cops at the scene for one man. There were 5 cops on top of him punching him in the side and legs while he laid there not resisting. They then left him restrained on the sidewalk for 10 minutes while the ambulance arrived where he was then put on a stretcher. All of that when they simply could’ve removed him from the store or sent one cop to take him to the station. There were several witnesses, multiple who wrote reports. #blacklivesmatter #policebrutality

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Source: Loveland Police and Instagram

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