Known as the largest single brewery in the world, Coors had a fire at their facility on Thursday, July 30, 2020.

CBS 4 Denver had helicopter footage late Thursday morning of a fire at the Coors Brewery. Flames were coming out of what looked like the northern part of the central silo.

A Facebook commenter who said they used to work there said it looked like a 'grain dust explosion.'

Another commenter:

This part of the malting department IS in fact shut down. Sounds like everyone in the brewing department made it out.

CBS 4 says that authorities say wood planks were on fire within the 16-story silo.

Firefighters were seen using hoses from nearby buildings to help extinguish the flames.

If anything, the fire will have caused damage to a Denver-area landmark.

Get more on the fire from CBS4 HERE.

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