Now, this is something I can get on board with! Coors Light recently announced they're releasing a special can of Coors Light in honor of the Colorado Avalanche's Stanley Cup win this week. So, now you can celebrate with them like a champion, or something like that, with their fancy new can. They're also calling the cans "Coors Light Championship Ice".

Why is the new Coors Light can called Championship Ice?

Well, that's an easy one, they're calling it Championship Ice, because, it's supposed to be made with "shavings of the championship ice". Weird flex, but I'll take it.

I will say, that's one handsome can of beer. Even with or without the special ice shavings, I'd like to throw some of these bad boys back.

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I mean, obviously, this will have to be in short supply, right? Unless they're pumping in regular water in with the ice shavings. Also, I'm not sure how this works logistically since it takes weeks to brew beer. But, I'm going to ignore that and say that it's all accurate.

Coors is really good at making fancy cans and bottles. My Dad still has some John Wayne Coors Banquet beers from the 90s and a baseball bat-shaped Coors Light bottle. These are still located in his garage. Don't ask me how they haven't blown up yet, I don't know. But, if you have collected those cans in the past, it might be time to head south and grab a 12-pack of these bad boys. For research.

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