As we pull ourselves out of an economic slowdown here in the Cowboy State, where do we want to work, if we’re looking for something new? The website, zippia, has made a list of companies across the country where people apply to work the most.  

Let’s take a look around Wyoming. Colorado really wants to work for DISH Network, which totally makes sense, since it’s kind of like a mother ship of television. Montana applies to work for Washington Companies? That’s kind of a weird flex, but ok. Idaho wants to work for Albertsons. The state of Nebraska wants to work for Kellogg's, and man, I’ll tell you, if I got free cereal to take home and eat at all times of the day(I’m an adult, that’s legal) I’d want to work there as well. Utah wants to work for Ebay, which I found interesting until I researched and saw their giant facility in Salt Lake City.  

So where does that leave Wyoming? We want to work for Seirra Trading Post, based right here in Cheyenne. It absolutely makes sense with that portion of the TJX company being based here, and hey, we love our outdoorsy gear, right? I've never personally gone to the store, so I'll have to add it to a place to check out and buy some gear!

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