Onions. That's me. I hate onions on anything. It's gross, has an awful texture and ruins everything. Don't @ me. But, I might slightly be in the minority, though, I know a lot of onion hating folks. The website Zippia decided to check out what food each state hates the most. Here's how they figured it out.

We sought out a list of just under 40 of controversial foods that make a good chunk of the population go “gross.”

From there, we turned to Google Search Trends to find which of the hate-able foods each state searches the least. The opposite of love isn’t pure hate, it’s indifference– By finding out where people are looking for the least recipes, online food orders and in general have bottom-level search interest in, we could find the food they truly dislike the least.

We avoided using foods that were highly regional, but of dubious tastiness such as “grits.” Too much of the country just doesn’t know what they shouldn’t like.

So, what foods do we hate? Taking a look around the Cowboy State, Nebraska and Idaho hate anchovies, Montana hates carrots(RIP you eyes) and you can't serve bologna in Utah or you'll get some looks.

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What' about the Cowboy State? We hate turkey bacon. That's actually something we have in common with Colorado. I get it, even though it(almost) tastes like real bacon. The texture is weird.

Via Zippia
Via Zippia

What do you think? Did they hit the nail on the head for the food we hate the most?


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