One website just ranked every state's grossest popular food, and I actually had to make sure that their Wyoming dish was a thing. created this appetite suppressing list. Initially, I thought Wyoming would be given rocky mountain oysters, but that honor went to Montana. In Colorado, they love shredded wheat, not sure that' the grossest thing they eat, but maybe to some. Apparently Nebraska does a hot beef sundae, a combination of mashed potatoes, gravy, roast beef, and tomato.

Here in Wyoming, our grossest, but popular dish is... the chuckwagon breakfast.

If you're like me and have no idea what that is, here's the breakdown given..

Home to cowboys and outdoorsy pursuits—because, cowboys—Wyoming loves its Chuckwagon breakfast. Though the name itself is less than appetizing, the components are alright. Eggs are obviously no stranger to breakfast, and neither are the beans they’re paired with, all of which is fire-cooked to complete the aesthetic.

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